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What is Google Knowledge Panel? And How to claim it?

Hello, My Name is Sunil Butolia, I Am a Digital Marketer And Google Knowledge Panel Expert From India. I Have Helped Many Influencers, Celebrities And Entrepreneurs to get their Wikipedia Page as well as Google Knowledge Panel.

Today, Through This Article, I Will Clear All Of Your Doubts About Google Knowledge Panel.

As I am a digital marketer many followers ask me “How to get a Google knowledge graph?“. So today I am writing this article to guide you through the process to get a knowledge panel for your personal brand or business on Google search engine results page.

To get verified on Google, first you will need to have your own Knowledge Panel on Google’s search engine result page (SERP) so here’s how you can get it.

Knowledge Panel Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Knowledge Panel?

Knowledge Panel Also Known As Knowledge Graph Is A Tool Provided By Google To Give Better Search Experience To Its Users. It Is An Information Boxes That Appear On First Page Of Google Search Engine Results Page At The Right Hand Side. 

Google Knowledge graph also called Knowledge Panel is a tool provided by the Google to give its users better search experience.

Knowledge panel gives brands and influencers verified and authentic status on Google search. It also helps people to identifying their favorite brand or celebrity.

Google knowledge graph is a tool which shows most relevant and updated information about the person or brand on search engine result page. Knowledge panel shows that the business or person has a verifiedauthentic and trusted entity on Google search.

Knowledge panels are information boxes that appear on Google‘s first page when someone searches for an entity (people, places, organizations, things). They are meant to help you get a quick snapshot of information on a topic based on Google’s understanding of available content on the web.
Knowledge panel is shown at the right hand side of google search result page.

Can I edit description?

No, Google doesn’t offer to edit description because Google shows description automatically from most relevant search result available on the internet about the subject. Most knowledge panel’s description is influenced by Wikipedia article.

What information we can edit in Knowledge Panel?

After claiming knowledge panel you can add your photograph, profession, date of birth, city, country, education and social media profiles.

Can I create my Google Knowledge Panel myself?

Unfortunately No, since Google does not provide any tool to create it. But there are some tricks to get it done.

How Can I Get Knowledge Panel with wikipedia page?

If you are able to successfully publish your page on Wikipedia in some way, then your knowledge graph will start showing automatically on Google search results page in 2–3 days. After that, by verifying your knowledge panel, you can add your social media account and other important information to it.

But this is not so easy because according to the Wikipedia policy, no person can create a Wikipedia page about themselves, even if they try to make it, Wikipedia will put it on the list of attention and within 2 days some Wikipedia admin.

It will be deleted by Wikipedia’s portal is not to make itself famous and to promote anything, but on it the pages of those people who have established their identity globally. Once you are able to get your knowledge graph, then you can verify it with Google. The advantage of verifying is that after this you can make changes in it, such as connecting your social media accounts with the knowledge graph. Like I have added to my knowledge graph.

How does Google collect the information that appears in the Knowledge Panel?

Google collects data automatically from various websites to generate knowledge panel. When information changes on internet Google automatically updates on knowledge panel. Google shows a knowledge graph of the same thing on its search results page which is universally true and which is already famous around the world.

Google does not create a knowledge graph of any person or thing by itself, nor can you create it on Google itself, but Google itself shows the information required by picking it up from various websites and arranging it as a knowledge panel on the search results page.

This is an automatic method and as the information on the web changes, Google also changes the information in the Knowledge Panel. Google automatically pulls the necessary information from Wikipedia, Amazon, news website, etc.

Who can get Google Knowledge Panel?

Google knowledge graph is very important tool to be stand out in the crowd and to shows real facts about the searched entity. I was wonder to know how does it works and how to show my own knowledge panel? You can also get your own Google knowledge graph if you qualify below things.

1. People who owns a Wikipedia page can get knowledge panel.
2. Product and brand searched thousand times everyday can get knowledge panel.
3. You should be a famous person like an sports person, film star, politician, celebrity etc.
4. You should come in the news frequently.
5. You hire a professional like me 😉

Why Knowledge Panel is Important?

This allows the searcher to get the exact information in an orderly manner on the first page of Google itself. Only the most influential people get the knowledge graph. That is, if you have got a knowledge graph then you will also become an influential person.

There are millions of people in the world by the same name, so the knowledge graph contains the information of the most famous person. Obviously, the person searching will want to find a famous person, this does not confuse the searcher and give him reliable information in a systematic way. It meets at the same place.

When Someone Search Your Name In Google, They Can See An Information Box At The Right Hand Side Of Search Result Page. It’s Great When People See You On First Page Of Google. It Makes You More Credible, Branded And Authenticated.

Can Google Knowledge Panel Help My Instagram Account Getting Verified?

Yes, But Partially! Because Instagram Verification Depends On Many Factors Like Wikipedia Page, News Articles In Google, Knowledge Panel Just A Single Factor Which Is Very Useful To Make You Authentic, Real, Unique And Verified In Google Search.

How Can I Create Knowledge Panel for Personal Brand?

Knowledge Panel is Automatically Generated And Can Not Be Created Directly But We Can Create Database Which Is Used By Google To Show Knowledge Panel. There Are Few Specific Ways To Create These Type Of Databases For Example : Wikipedia Page Also Helps To Getting Knowledge Panel.

How Much Time Does It Take Knowledge Panel To Appear On Google Search?

It Takes 1 Week To 4 Weeks To Show Google Knowledge Panel On Search Results Page.

What Information I Can Add To Knowledge Panel?

You Can Add Your Basic Information Like Name, Profession, Date Of Birth, City And Profile Picture. You Can Also Add Your Social Media Profiles To It.

What does it mean “Claim this knowledge panel”?

That means you can claim your knowledge panel for your personal profile or business profile. After claiming you can change the information shown in knowledge panel.

How to claim Google knowledge panel?

I have written knowledge panel claiming process in a separate post which you can read on How to claim Google Knowledge Panel?

Your desired question might not have listed on this faq page, So kindly comment with your question. So that I will try to add your question on this page.

How To Get Verified on Facebook

First of all, I want to tell you, that I am verified on Facebook 😎. I got Blue Tick in August this year. So believe, I can guide you in the right way.

What is Facebook Verification?

Facebook verification is not about verifying your email account after signing up a fresh account on Facebook. Facebook verification is status of a celebrity’s Facebook fan page or profile.

Sunil Butolia’s verified fan page

Users can see a blue check mark along with celebrity name on Facebook, it’s called Blue Tick means the fan page of celebrity is verified by the Facebook team and the celebrity is the real person which she says she is.

Verify your Facebook profile or page

It’s not an easy way, there is some requirements that everyone need to fulfill in order to get that Blue Tick, if you think you are eligible, you can fill in this form to verify your profile or Page.

According to Facebook profile or page need to be:


Represent a real person, registered business or entity.


Be the only presence of this person or business. Only one Page or profile per person or business may be verified, with exceptions for language-specific Pages and profiles. We don’t verify general interest Pages and profiles (e.g. puppy memes).


Have an about section, Page or profile photo and recent activity, including at least one post.


Represent a well-known, often searched person, brand or entity. We review Pages and profiles that are featured in multiple news sources and we don’t consider paid or promotional content as sources for review.

How to fulfill requirements

Well if you are a notable journalist, actor or singer then you can easily get verified on Facebook, if you are not then you can show that you are. How?

As a journalist

Work with news agency, write for online news publication. In this way Facebook will verify your page if your organization (news outlet) already have a certified status on Facebook.

You need to show some of your work as a journalist, basically they need news articles that you have published on your news putle you work for.

As an Actor

As an actor you need to show your work, credit of movie, serials, commercials, huge fan following, credits on IMDb and news articles about you on big news outlets. Be active on social media.

As a Musician or Singer

Show your music songs on spotify or youtube, huge fan following and news articles about you. in this category collaboration playa a strong role. Do collab with other artists will make you notable artist.

As an Entrepreneur

In this category blue tick is hard to achieve but thanks to paid PR’s (press release) because today anyone having money can reach to big media outlets to gain popularity and media coverage. Entrepreneurship is the category in which anyone can falsely say that they are entrepreneur, but in fact they are not. Don’t worry huge fan following and media coverage makes you eligible to get verified on Facebook.

In the next post we will talk about Instagram verification so stay tuned and subscribe for latest updates.

What is Schema Markup and How to Implement It?

Schema Markup is a machine readable code that tells search engines like Google, what is your webpage about, and what content is available on your webpage. So that Google can better understand your content, and it’s also better to rank your website higher in search engine results page (SERP).

It makes information available on your webpage well structured, you can check that structured data using “structured data testing tool” (now Schema Validator).

How to implement Schema Markup on your website?

Schema Markup supports a large number of structured data types. For example Person, Organization, Website, Webpage, newsArticle, techArticle, blogPost, Products and lot more.

Here is a sample schema markup for “Organization” that you can customize as per your requirement, it may also help to trigger a company Knowledge Panel.

Later you can influence the information in your company’s knowledge panel through this schema markup because Google also looks into your schema markup present on your website to fetch any new information.

Organization Schema Markup

<script type="application/ld+json">
"@context": "",
"@type": "Organization",
    "name": "FAMEPublish", 
"foundingDate": "2020-01-01",
"location" : "New Delhi, India",
        "@type": "Organization",
        "@id": "",
        "url": "",
        "name": "FAME Internet",
"owns" : "Knowledge Panel Agency"
"description" : "FAMEPublish is India's leading news distribution platform formed by Sunil Butolia on 1st January 2020, headquartered at New Delhi, India. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAME Internet. It specializes in creating, distributing, and measuring the distribution of corporate press releases, financial announcements, and multimedia content to media, social platforms, investment communities, and other key audiences in India and around the globe. We are an end-to-end service provider with regards to news and content distribution in India.", 
"sameAs": "",

You can make required changes to above mentioned code and then copy and paste this code on your website right after the first <head> tag and save your theme template. If you are not sure where is the <head> tag then edit your theme and open header.php file (wordpress), where you can find <head> tag easily.

Person Schema Markup

There is also a person code that is responsible to generate person knowledge panel on Google SERP.

<script type="application/ld+json">
"@context": "",
"@type": "Person",
    "name": "Sunil Butolia", 
"birthDate": "1988-03-01",
"birthPlace" : "New Delhi, India",
"description" : "Sunil Butolia is a digital marketer and founder of FAMEPublish.", 
"sameAs": "",

You can make required changes to above mentioned code and then copy and paste this code on your website right after the first <head> tag and save your theme template. If you are not sure where is the <head> tag then edit your theme and open header.php file, where you can find <head> tag easily.

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How to Create Knowledge Graph for Person

Today I am writing this article to guide you through the process to get a knowledge panel for a person. I would also want to let you know I achieved my own Google knowledge panel in July 2018, when digital marketers not even know, what is knowledge panel 😎.

Presently, about every digital marketer proclaims to be the knowledge panel expert but they are not. Actually they have just cracked the trick to trigger a knowledge panel which I cracked early in 2018.

To get verified on Google, first you will need to have your own Knowledge Panel on Google SERP.

There Are Two Types of Knowledge Panel

  1. Person – Knowledge Panel
  2. Brand or Business – Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Panel or Knowledge Graph

First of all I want to tell you that Knowledge Panel and Knowledge Graph are two different things but they both work for same motive to show information in a rich manner.

Knowledge Graph – Knowledge Graphs are interconnected entities which are results of schema markup, graph database, and they lead to trigger knowledge panel.

Knowledge Panel – Knowledge Panel is the final result that we see on SERP. An information box about person and brand or business. Without knowledge graphs we can’t achieve knowledge panel.

Source of KP

Google’s algorithm works behind the scenes. We put schema markup on our website but it not useful to trigger a knowledge panel because Google only considers as knowledge graph source the websites have high domain authority and traffic.

IMDb, Wikidata, Spotify, YouTube, Wikipedia, DBPedia, Bloomberg are strong knowledge graph sources while Gyaanipedia FAMEData and FAMEPedia are having less trustworthy in Googles point of view.

How To Trigger Knowledge Panel?

Fast way is Wikidata, but it’s not for everyone, means if you are not a notable person then chances are higher they will delete your entity from Wikidata, and if they do so you will lost your knowledge panel.

So there are some other tricks:

  1. Publishing a book, yes I published a book in 2018, titled Ultimate Guide To Become A Document Controller.
  2. Distribution of music, I released my music tracks in 2020 then I got another (second) knowledge panel. later I asked Google to merge both of them.
  3. Get credit in movie through IMDb, I also got credit in movie which helped me getting more attention and traffic on my knowledge panel but I dont know who added me in those movies 😜.
  4. Having a Wikipedia page.

In my next post I will tell you “How to Claim Knowledge Panel” you can also become expert in triggering knowledge panel by reading my “Google KP Mastery”.