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How to Create Knowledge Graph for Person

Today I am writing this article to guide you through the process to get a knowledge panel for a person. I would also want to let you know I achieved my own Google knowledge panel in July 2018, when digital marketers not even know, what is knowledge panel 😎.

Presently, about every digital marketer proclaims to be the knowledge panel expert but they are not. Actually they have just cracked the trick to trigger a knowledge panel which I cracked early in 2018.

To get verified on Google, first you will need to have your own Knowledge Panel on Google SERP.

There Are Two Types of Knowledge Panel

  1. Person – Knowledge Panel
  2. Brand or Business – Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Panel or Knowledge Graph

First of all I want to tell you that Knowledge Panel and Knowledge Graph are two different things but they both work for same motive to show information in a rich manner.

Knowledge Graph – Knowledge Graphs are interconnected entities which are results of schema markup, graph database, and they lead to trigger knowledge panel.

Knowledge Panel – Knowledge Panel is the final result that we see on SERP. An information box about person and brand or business. Without knowledge graphs we can’t achieve knowledge panel.

Source of KP

Google’s algorithm works behind the scenes. We put schema markup on our website but it not useful to trigger a knowledge panel because Google only considers as knowledge graph source the websites have high domain authority and traffic.

IMDb, Wikidata, Spotify, YouTube, Wikipedia, DBPedia, Bloomberg are strong knowledge graph sources while Gyaanipedia FAMEData and FAMEPedia are having less trustworthy in Googles point of view.

How To Trigger Knowledge Panel?

Fast way is Wikidata, but it’s not for everyone, means if you are not a notable person then chances are higher they will delete your entity from Wikidata, and if they do so you will lost your knowledge panel.

So there are some other tricks:

  1. Publishing a book, yes I published a book in 2018, titled Ultimate Guide To Become A Document Controller.
  2. Distribution of music, I released my music tracks in 2020 then I got another (second) knowledge panel. later I asked Google to merge both of them.
  3. Get credit in movie through IMDb, I also got credit in movie which helped me getting more attention and traffic on my knowledge panel but I dont know who added me in those movies 😜.
  4. Having a Wikipedia page.

In my next post I will tell you “How to Claim Knowledge Panel” you can also become expert in triggering knowledge panel by reading my “Google KP Mastery”.

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