How to Claim Google Knowledge Panel, Here’s how

What is a Google Knowledge Group or a Knowledge Panel?

Knowledge panel is a tool of Google which shows any person, thing, product in search result in a simple, simple and systematic way. The person who finds it gets a lot of convenience from it, accurate and correct information is found instantly at one place.

How to Claim Google Knowledge Panel?

Once you get your knowledge panel in search result page, then you can apply to verify it, verification process is quite simple.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

No hard work is required to verify the knowledge graph. For this, only a few things have to be submitted online. You will need the following things.

  1. Login to gmail in web browser (chrome) and search for your entity.

    Entity is the name of your brand or influencer

  2. In the search result page, you will see your knowledge panel. Now click on “Claim this knowledge panel” link below the knowledge graph, then follow the process.

    knowledge panel link

  3. Take screenshot of your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to prove that you are the owner of those accounts. Write down the url of your social media profiles.

    for example my facebook account’s url is:-

  4. Take a selfie with your valid ID proof (any one in aadhar, passport, voter card) in which text should be clearly visible. This will help Google verifying your real identity.

    Hold your ID in your hand, text should be visible and readable in the photograph.

  5. Copy the link of your knowledge panel, you can get it on your knowledge panel.

  6. A webpage will open in which you have to press on the verification. Remember, during this time your Gmail ID must be logged in the web browser.

  7. Now you have to choose whether to verify your own knowledge panel or someone else.

  8. After this, you will open a form in which all the links, screenshots, selfies and links of knowledge panel (seen in number 4) are to be filled in it. And submit it.

    As soon as Google reviews your request, you will get an email saying “Now you are verified on Google.”

After submission of application form if everything is fine you will get confirmation on your registered Gmail ID.

You can listen to my podcast on “What is Knowledge Panel & how to get it verified?” to learn further process.

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