What is Bootstrap? Is it Worth Learning and Using?

I proudly say WordPress is the king of Content Management System. I prefer WordPress in all my websites because its fast, reliable, secure and gives lots of tools, plugins and creating post is very easy. I am not comparing WordPress with Bootstrap but I am just telling why I prefer WordPress and why I left using Bootstrap.

Sometimes I think that I can create a beautiful landing page in Bootstrap from scratch or can upload a readymade template, but I get bored with bootstrap because Bootstrap is nothing without WordPress.

WordPress doesn’t give flexibility of coding but I never get bored with WordPress because it has everything which is required to maintain any type of website or blog.

In Bootstrap, url ends with “html” which looks ugly. Twitter made Bootstrap but Twitter is not using Bootstrap itself, it proves, Bootstrap is not much useful, its just a framework and not provide any tools, plugin.

Other weakness of Bootstrap is, its slow down website speed, because its css file is lengthy, so it has to be downloaded in users device, and website gets more time to load page.

I am sure you will not use bootstrap without help of CMS so it doesn’t make sense because if you want to use bootstrap with wordpress then there is no reason to do it. You can choose desired premium theme from marketplace like colorlib so there is no meed to use bootstrap with WordPress? Premium theme are well written and optimised, comes with support and load page fast.

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