How to Get Google Knowledge Panel Without Wikipedia Page?

Till now it was believed that to get a knowledge graph on Google search result page it is necessary to have Wikipedia page or Wikidata page.

But today I will reveal that there is no need of Wikipedia or Wikidata to get knowledge graph on Google.

Even without these a knowledge graph can be found and I have done the necessary research to prove it, which I will share with you all.

What is a Knowledge Panel or Knowledge Graph?

The Knowledge Graph is a tool provided by Google, under which the main information of any person, thing, company etc. is shown systematically on the first page of Google. Google uses structured data from various websites available on the Internet to show this.

What is structured data?

Structured data is a standard format for providing information about any webpage and classifying the content available on the webpage. With the help of structured data, Google is able to understand the information available on any webpage and can display it systematically on its search result page.

For example, what are the ingredients on a recipe page, how much time it will take to cook and how much calories will be received from it, Google understands all this kind of information then it shows on the search results page so that the user can get all the information about it without visiting the website. The rich result is found on search result page itself.

Rich snippets and knowledge panels appear on Google’s search results page only because of structured data. Which provide better user experience.

Several types of schema markup are available to add structured data to the website, which can be understand on its official website

Is Wikipedia and Wikidata necessary to get a knowledge graph?

It is true that Google gives priority to Wikipedia articles and shows prominently in its search result page. Similarly, Google shows the entries of Wikidata in its Knowledge panel.

But it has been proved that without Wikidata and Wikipedia, a knowledge panel can be achieved. Let me show some examples to prove it.

Exp-1: Keerthana Parthiepan

Keerthana Parthiepan is an actress from South India who don’t has Wikipedia page and not even on Wikidata. Still his knowledge panel can be seen on Google. So how her panel was generated on Google?

In my research, I found that her panel is coming from Amazon’s website IMDB. This is because the IMDB website uses “Person – Schema” markup that generates structured data which is useful for Google to display knowledge panel.

person schema

Exp-2: Shaanu – The Optimist

Similarly Shaanu – The Optimist is the name of a film which released in 2016. But there is neither Wikipedia page nor Wikidata page of this film, even this film is not listed on IMDb. Nevertheless, its knowledge panel remains. Yes! without IMDb.

Shaanu - the optimist

So how did its panel appears?

Actually its panel is coming from a movie listing website called as this website uses “Movie – Schema” markup to generate necessary structured data for the Knowledge Panel.

structured data testing tool

Interesting thing is that if your name included in any movie’s knowledge graph as an artist or something else than you can get your own knowledge graph without doing any efforts. Also if there is a book’s knowledge graph and your name added as author than you gets your own knowledge panel without doing anything.

So now you must have known that you do not need to have Wikipedia, Wikidata or IMDb page to get knowledge panel on Google. Google only needs structured data to show knowledge panel, which you can make Google work easy by adding relevant schema markup in your website.

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