How to Get Custom URL for Your YouTube Channel

What is YouTube Custom URL

Most of social media platform offers custom url for their users which is easy to remember and more brandable.

For example when we create a fresh facebook account we get accounts link which is something like:

Facebook offers us to change that ugly URL to what we want as per our requirement (depends it’s availability).

So after this customization we get a fully customized URL which is called custom URL or vanity URL which is more specific easy to understand, relevant and meaningful.

On youtube, we can also customise the channel URL as per our requirements.

For example we can change youtube channel url from to which is more brandable and easy to remember so that our followers can trust and recognise our channel.

How to claim YouTube channel custom URL

  1. Login to and click on profile at top right corner to go to settings

  2. Click on gear icon, youtube settings

  3. Now you are in the YouTube account setting page, click on Channel status and features

  4. Now click on claim under Custom URL

  5. Enter your desired link and submit

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