How to create a Knowledge Panel for a Person

So today I am writing this article to guide you through the process to get a knowledge panel for a person. To get verified on Google, first you will need to have your own Knowledge Panel on Google’s search engine result page (SERP). What is the Google Knowledge Panel? Google Knowledge graph also called Knowledge Panel is a tool provided […]

Google’s Knowledge Graph does not rely on Wikipedia

Till now it was believed that to get a knowledge graph on Google search result page it is necessary to have Wikipedia page or Wikidata page. But today I will reveal that there is no need of Wikipedia or Wikidata to get knowledge graph on Google. Even without these a knowledge graph can be found and I have done the […]

How to fix Rich Snippets to appear in Search Results

Taking too long to show Rich Snippets in Google Search? First of all I congratulate you for adding schema markup to your site, it is very useful in many scenario, and also very helpful for increasing clicks through rate on search results. Typically, it may take several months for rich snippets to appear in search results. For that, first make […]

Using Google Search Console to Indexing Website

SEO is most important when you want more traffic to your website or blog. In this post I will tell you most important markups you need to implement to boost your site SEO. Google Analytics Tracking Code Google Analytics is a data analytics tool which provide you various types of reports and data of your website visitors. It is very […]

Search your Google Knowledge Graph with MID

Google is Internet giant because everyone is now depend on Google to search anything on Internet. When we search popular person or Brand then an information box appears at right hand side, this is called Knowledge Panel or Knowledge Graph. Google Knowledge Graph or Knowledge Panel is a search result tool which shows best and relevant results in an organised […]

10 must have WordPress plugins to get you started

I want to let you know the best WordPress SEO plugin to increase website ranking in Google search. In this post I will share wordpress plugins which I prefer to Yoast SEO AMP for WP Structured Data for WP Elementor Gutenberg Table of Contents W3 Catche Smush

Essential HTML tags for SEO which you should have known

Are you new to SEO then you should know about the HTML tags that are very important in SEO. The search engine considers relevant tags for the user queries. So HTML tags should be used effectively to generate more traffic. What are  HTML Tags? HTML tags are used in coding it helps search engine to read the content. These tags […]

Internet of Things (IoT) किसे कहते हैं?

आपने Internet पर “Internet of Things” अवश्य पढ़ा होगा लेकिन यदि अभी तक आप इसके बारे में नहीं जानते तो आज मैं आपको इसके बारे में पूरी जानकारी देने जा रहा हूँ। Internet of things बहुत ही advanced technology है जिसे हम बहुत जल्द अपने दैनिक जीवन में इस्तमाल करने वाले हैं। अगर मैं आपसे सवाल करूँ कि आपके घर […]

How to close current account of a business

I opened a current account (business account) for my llp in 2015 for a business but it goes in loss and I was unable to maintain MAB (minimum average balance) in my current account, bank was charging high fees for not maintaining MAB so I have decided to close that current account to get out of this headache. I wanted […]

Social Media Managers के क्या कार्य होते हैं?

आप ये पढ़कर चौंक गए होंगे कि आखिर फेसबुक, इंस्टाग्राम चलाने के पैसे कौन दे देगा, लेकिन यह बात सच है। कौन देता है पैसा? दरअसल दुनियां में इंटरनेट के आने के बाद से ऐसे लोगों की संख्या बढ़ती ही जा रही है जो रातों रात पॉपुलर हो गए और अब उनके पास काम की कोई कमी नहीं है, खूब […]